A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Called LA Songtext
von The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Called LA Songtext

I remember when we met, you looked at me and I went numb
And I had to push reset 'cause my brain switch was stuck on dumb
Lucky for me, you did not run

I look away, then peek again
Don't have a clue, don't have a plan
I see her smile, is it for me?
No one is standing in vicinity
I start to think there is a chance
She's giving more than just a passing glance
You'll mess it up, you always do
No one ever likes the real you

Then she said she thinks I'm cute and I am fun
So I had to push reset 'cause my brain switched from dumb to numb
Lucky for me, she didn't run

I start to feel some confindence
A minute later we were holding hands
Don't have the words, I'm full of doubt
Sooner or later they will kick us out
Where do we go, another spot
We better leave before we get caught
Time's up, we're headed out
I'm getting ready for the let down

Then she said, if you want me, you must move slow
But I'm willing to accept there's something here that could be love
Lucky for me, she didn't run

I bet she wishes she did
You know I went and put a ring on it
Tiffany's got that paycheck, yeah

I guess my game is strong
I'm just a sucker for a smart girl
With a big fat brain in her skull, yeah

She made a hard man soft
I used to rock it 'til the wheels fell off
Now I'm hanging out in the slow lane, yeah

But don't feel sorry for me
My heart is fuller than the tallest tree in the park
That gives the world it's shade

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