Too Familiar Songtext
von The Quireboys

Too Familiar Songtext

Well has it ever crossed your mind
This has been such a waste of time
And so much heartache, we're all the same
It's too familiar

We can't share unless we fight
Maybe now we both realise
A guarded secret that will remain
It's too familiar

And the face that's in the mirror
Is no likeness that I've seen
No angels riding by my side
To wash away the sin
And the lines just seem to mark the time
And the memories drag me down
The memories of better days
When we used to paint this town
When we used to paint this town
It's too familiar
It's too familiar

There was never a hand on you
No matter what you put me through
A vicious mind caused all the pain
Does that sound familair

When I turn that corner
I knew you'd not be there
I finally made it by myself
Without a second care
And living life the way I see
And all the things I do
Making chances in this world
There's more for me and you
There's more for me and you

So tell me what you want from me
Cos it can't be fun for you
Life is just another day
Tomorrow can't come to soon yeah

It's too familiar hey yeah
It's too familiar
It's too familiar
Tomorrow can't come to soon
It's too familiar

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