Can't Park Here Songtext
von The Quireboys

Can't Park Here Songtext

Pulled in at the front of the bar
Shut the engine down
Jumped out the car, locked her up
Then I turned around
Then I saw a man with a gun in my face
Said listen here son, you made your first mistake
I never moved so fast with a gun in my ear
He said ya better move on
Cos ya can't park here

Sittin' in the bar she was sucking
on a cigarette
Looking at the world like the sweetest thing
I ever met
Had a little laugh, railed another line
Sipping double scotch like it's going out of style
She looked me up and down and whispered in my ear
She said ya better move on
Cos ya can't park here

From Tooting up to Barking,
must have been in every dive
I was kindly asked to leave
By the monkeys in the ties
So I found another place
But it was painted shocking pink
When a guy come up and asked me
Would I like another drink
I broke into a sweat
When the barman called me dear
Do ya ever get the feeling
That ya can't park here

Early in the morning, I was
Crawling on the floor
Searching in my pocket for the
Keys to my front door
Policeman came and took me
Locked me in the jail
I tried to call my lady friend
But she won't give me bail
I went to see my friends for a
Sympathetic ear, they said
No chance boy ya can't park here

Oh they say I can't park here no more baby
No more baby

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