The Great Pretender Songtext
von The Platters

The Great Pretender Songtext

Oh yes, (oh yes) I′m the great (the great) pretender
Yes, pretending that I'm doing well
Yes, my need (my need) is such (is such) I pretend (I pretend) too much (too much)
I′m lonely but no one can tell (no one can tell)

Oh yes, (oh yes) I'm the great (the great) pretender (yes)
Adrift in a world of my own (yes)
My need (I play) to be (the game) all I am not (but to my)
You've seen (real shame) and you′ve left me to dream all alone (to dream all alone, yes)

Too real is this feeling of make-believe (yes)
Too real when I feel what my heart can′t conceal (oh-oh-oh)

Yes, I'm the great pretender
Yes, just laughing and gay like a clown
Yes, I seem (I seem) to be oh, yes what I′m not (I'm not) you see (you see)
And I′m wearing my heart like a crown

Oh yes, I'm pretending and praying that you′re still around (still around)


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