Jealousy Songtext
von The Neighbourhood

Jealousy Songtext

Im paranoid I hate to sleep alone
My mind playing tricks trying to break my zone
Lost a lot trying to reach the throne
Many nights I aint making home
She wants me there its like I need a clone
I try my best no matter what its like I'm always wrong
I guess its why I wrote this song
Just hopping you would call my phone
Money hit my line
And I'm on top like all the time
Girl you know I'm on my grime
I just need some peace of mind
I hope she hears this shit and press rewind
We went our separate ways until next time
Its not a race its a marathon
At times I feel I stand beyond
I take it as a lesson learned
And then we cross the finish line
Thank god I woke up in the morning and see the sunshine through the blinds
At times I sit an reminisce on all the things I left behind

Rest in peace this peace of mind
Someday we will reunite

This is the shit that your baby bounce to
Promise you that I'll make a baby with you
Make a momma of you
Ain't no drama with you
My baby brings heat like a momma does too

I pay homage to you
And college for the babies
I'll even move your momma to the Bahamas
And maybe
I'll take you on the open road
You'll take me where the ocean goes

I'm getting cheesy on these jungle drums
I sound like Weezy on a million
The money's coming and I know it
But the money doesn't have control of us

This is the shit make your momma start crying
Not because she's sad cuz cause her baby's alright
Her baby's her pride
That baby's her life
Momma would break down if the baby did die

Rest in peace this peace of mind
Someday we will reunite
Rest in peace my peace of mind
Hope that we will reunite

And you go mama where do we go
And then you do mama what do we lose
If we leave mama when do we breath
How do we eat
Where do we sleep

And you go mama where do we go
And then you do mama what do we loose
Mama how do we breath
And how do we eat
Where do I go to sleep
If you move mama
Where do I go too home, need to go home
Need to go home

I live to party
And baby you know we don't stop
I live to party
But baby don't know what she got
Like a whisper to me
Rather stay not here
Baby listen to me
I got to get higher 'cause you're way up there

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