As Many Candles as Possible Songtext
von The Mountain Goats

As Many Candles as Possible Songtext

When stray dogs finally catch you in the alley
You don't consider their point of view
But when the wounds are healed and the scars are shiny
Sometimes then you do

The terms are vicious
Time is tight
No one gets
Too much light

When you see the risen beast in your nightmares
You treat him like a long lost brother
But when you pass him on the streets of the city by day
You pretend you don't recognise each other

The lake is boiling
The fish won't bite
No one gets
Too much light

Seek out a cave by the ocean while you wait out the rain
Dial down the weak bits and crank up the gain
Listen for the prophecy somewhere in the static
Once you've saddled up your pony, burn down the paddock

When pigs gather in the sty to greet the sunrise
They all begin to squeal for joy
It doesn't sound like joy to the untrained ear
And there's plenty of distortion and it's not real clear

You've got a friend downstairs
He howls all night
No one gets
Too much light

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