Föld Szíve Dobban Songtext
von The Moon and the Nightspirit

Föld Szíve Dobban Songtext

I'm a deer
running with the wind,
between my antlers
holding the sun.

I'm a wolf,
walking at night,
waiting for the moon.

Oh, holding the sun.
Oh, waiting for the moon.

I'm a seed on a green
crooked, old oak
on a big clearing.

I'm a spring
with clear water,
flame dancing
in [the] ancient fire.

Oh, clear spring.
Oh, dancing flame.

Earth's heart beats,
its power is within me,
I am one with you,
you ancient specter.

Táltos* world,
its door is open,
it was there always,
and it doesn't have any limits.

*a person called táltos was a kind of shaman in the ancient Hungarian religion, but táltos, as an adjective, is also an outdated word for something magical, supernatural

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