Mama Songtext
von The Lonely Island

Mama Songtext

This one goes out
From the bottom of our hearts
To the most important lady in our lives
It′s time to pay some respect
I hope you proud of us
'Cause we′re proud of you

Mama! You raised me right
Mama! Showed me the light
Mama! Through pain and strife
Mama! You gave us life

When I fell down, you were there to pick me up
When I felt bad, you were there to build me up
Gave everything you had in the world to me
And you made me the man I'm supposed to be

Jane, even though I don't say it often enough
I appreciate everything you did for us
Never take you for granted ′cause it ain′t hard to see
The best parts of you are now a part of me

Ah, Mama
And when it was cold outside, you kept us warm and held us down

(Hi boys, who wants a snack?)
Mom, get out, we're in the studio! Oh, my God
Just checking on my guys!
Get out of here! We′re making a track, you idiot!
(Oh!) Just leave! Go!
(Okie dokie) go! You suck, mom!

Yeah, my one true love, my heart, my mom
Show her respect in the form of this song
So when life gets hard and it makes you cry
I'll always be there to wipe a tear from your eye

My mom′s my number one fan, my best friend
And I'll never disrespect

(I know you said you weren′t hungry, but I made ants on a log)
Get the fuck out! Leave! Leave me! Go!
(So how's your little club going?)
It's not a club! It′s a rap group!
(Well, I′ll leave these here and eat them if you-)
Fine! Go to hell, mom!

She's an angel on Earth with invisible wings
I put no one above in summer, winter or spring, or fall

(Have you guys seen the remote?)
Oh, my God! Leave us alone!
Fuck you, mom! Leave us alone!
(Watch it)
I hope you fucking die!

Jump in front of a bullet if it could save my mom
You got a a gun going bullet ′cause you will never see harm

(Never mind, I found it)
(Laura, everything okay?)
Shut the fuck up, Dale! Shut up!
(Hey! Be nice to Dale)
Fuck Dale! Fuck Dale!
I can't believe you have sex with that guy!

This goes out to all the mamas
Trying to protect their kids from drama
Love was your goal to bring
No matter what they say, you′re beautiful

So push them lighters in the sky
Wave 'em back from side to side
And if you feel lost and alone
Let our voices guide you home

(Is something burning down there?)
Get the fuck out! Now!

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