Sweet Dreams, TN Songtext
von The Last Shadow Puppets

Sweet Dreams, TN Songtext

I just sort of always feel sick without you, baby
I ain't got anything to lick without you, baby
Nothing seems to stick without you, baby
Ain't I fallen in love?
It's just the pits without you, baby
It's really just the pits without you, baby
It's like everyone's a dick without you, baby
Ain't I fallen in love?

And all my pals will tell me is that I'm crazy
You bet I'm loopy, alright
And I just don't recognise
This fool that you have made me
Whoa, I ain't seen him for a while
And as your shrinking figure blows a kiss
I catch and smash it on my lips
Darling, I can't seem to quit
Completely falling to bits
I really might be losing it
The idea that you've existed
All along's ridiculous
I don't know what to say

Baby, we ought to fuck
Seven years of bad luck out
The parlour room mirror
Could I have made it any clearer?

It's love like a tongue in a nostril
Love like an ache in the jaw
You're the first day of spring
With a septum piercing
Little Miss Sweet Dreams, Tennessee

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