We Must Be Sacred Songtext
von The Last Poets

We Must Be Sacred Songtext

Trapped in the skylines of florescent charms, Warm and timid
Touches being forced into unnatural acts. Tears turning into
Delicate muscles that caress the night wind telling it of the
Truth, telling it of the pain. Aren't we all so very human
Look, look here comes the baddest dude on the block. And I
Turn around and see neatly dressed Death walking down the
Street. Charming all the grownups with a terrified smile
While handing out chocolate-covered crack lollipops to the
Children. Where have all the down studs gone? Long time
Passing. Jive whispers from neon lips. Eldorado dreams in
Stagnant colors. Rich men dancing with limp dolls in the
Luxury of their shame. Their mouths foaming with dead
Languages while democratic lies bay at the moon. Why must the
Dark ages still play games with us? Blind sprinters lost in a
Moment of a peaceful masquerade. Evil is an intruder but why
Do we let it in? We have no one to blame but ourselves. We
Listen to the rhythm, but we never hear the musicians. We
Elevate and praise the wise men but get lost in their wisdom
We feel the passion and truth of the poets but kill them with
Thunderous applause. Is there anything not sacred anymore? Is
There not anything not sacred anymore? Honesty, justice
Freedom. Freedom, justice, honesty. All being devoured by
Western imitations of life, liberty and the pursuit of
Happiness is drowning out the tears of deception. If I ... If
We ... had a power so tender as time maybe then we could wipe
This savage onslaught from our minds. The children dream from
The twilight of indecision. We must make their dreams come
True. Let us begin to talk to the brighter days with our
Eyes. The night belongs. to the softness of our hearts. The
New circle is beginning. Will we be there when it ends? We
Used to wonder why the ocean danced so childishly before the
Eyes of expression. We used to understand why the grass
Sighed so mysteriously from the days of winters gone by. Look
Back fallen lovers. How far have we come? How much further do
We have to go? Life will never be the same. It may never
Again be perfect. It may never again be beautiful. But we
Must try at least to make it normal. To be poets and sing
Out the joyous resurrection of our minds. To be poets and
Charm the emptiness of this anticipation. To be poets and
Comfort this gentle grief of our souls. To be poets and bring
Sunshine to the mutiny of these meagre days. Peace will dance
With creation in the sadness of our beings and everyone's
Uniqueness will fall like rain from the eyes of God is a
Friend. The phoenix will come from the flames this time
There will be no ashes to ashes. Love must be there when the
Dust clears! Ally ally outs in free! Ally ally outs in Free!

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