The Girl From Bargain Booze Songtext
von The Lancashire Hotpots

The Girl From Bargain Booze Songtext

Wont you listen up im'e in trouble
I feel my head is in a bubble
Iv'e been driven mad to the point of despair
Yer see my mind it has been ponderin
Il'e confess my hands have bin wanderin
Im'e a married man that's having an affair
Oh it really wasn't planned that's my defence
It was just another night down the off license
But then I saw here there behind the counter
When buyim me pringles and four cans o stouter
A gave her a tenner I were caught off guard
She wer like Angelina Joley in a tabard
But then I knew I had to choose
Between the missus and the girl from bargin booze

She gives me hope she gives me dreams
She gives me free harveys Bristol creams
She's amazing she's so fine
She's doing gordons gin at ten ninety nine
She whispers and calls me darling
As we roll around the cans of carling
She's got me on my knee's As we kiss by the bodies and tetleys
She's got me all confused
I love her the girl from bargin booze

A know that this affair it could cost us
But still a get cheap fosters
Its a secret love that cannot be surpassed
Yes its cheating but could you blame us
Cos a get free magners and gaymers
But she says?????? sorry couldn't make it out!
And av got to careful cos the wife suspects
She ses what yer doin with all those grolsch and bottles of becks
Its an offer a couldn't refuse
All the freebies from the girl from bargin booze

Guitar solo


Oh am spent after that

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