The Rising Tide Songtext
von The Killers

The Rising Tide Songtext

The streets of persuasion
Are plated with gold
Your heart's in the right place
But you travel down the wrong road

Like so many before you
The gates open wide
Here come the rising tide
(Rising tide)
Let's go out tonight

There's a mystery underneath the neon light
Before life and my dream collide
'Cause the truth's gonna come and cut me open wide
And you can't escape the rising of the tide
Keep up your appearance

You're joining the choir
With everybody singing out
Glory, Hallelujah (Hallelujah)

The time came for your solo
But there was nowhere to hide
Here come the rising tide
(Rising tide)
And the company you keep

Well they plan your crucifixion as we speak
So, baby till life and the dream collide
There's gonna be a mystery underneath those neon lights
If you can't decipher just who's on your side

You will not escape the rising of the tide
Can you tell me brother?

Was I deceived or in denial?
I was there in the back of the room
When you testified
With your pitchfork tongue you licked your lips and lied
We're never gonna know how hard you cried
When you petitioned and your access was denied
Till the venom in your veins is satisfied
Till you suffocate and swallow down the pride
Well you can't escape
(You can't escape)
Yeah, you can't escape
(You can't escape)
No, you can't escape the rising of the tide

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