The Tide Songtext
von The Irrepressibles

The Tide Songtext

When will I let go, of you
That boy, and me, That boy.
When will I, Let go, of you.
Let go, Let go.

Oh the Tide, kicks you out, to sea.
Tide, the Tide, rushing over me.
Rose the light, of how your gone,
Now your gone.
When, will I erase the face,
That secret place, I can't erase.

When will I,
Go on, go on.
Go one, go one.

Go on, go on.
Sad to know, of the wind tonight,
Lay the sheets with the soul in mind,
Be the end of the pain.
Now you are gone.

Oh the tide takes you out to sea,
Tide, the Tide washing over me.
Rose in my ending,
Now you are gone.

When will I let you go.

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