War Songtext
von The Gloom in the Corner

War Songtext

I walk across the sea of flames
Against the firing line
Being told they're
The ones to blame
We invade, we destroy
Innocence tattered and torn
They run in terror
We scorch their earth

Dead bodies, stacked ten feet high
I can still see them before my eyes
Men, Women and children
Their life drained from their eyes
We were all sent there to die
The memories still haunt me

There's a problem in the world today

I pushed you all away
So I could hide my pain
The constant torment of never ending flashbacks
Fear behind a smiling mask, I hate what I see in reflective glass
Hell above and below
I never intended to hurt those I love
In the same way I hurt those I was taught to hate
And, oh god, the lines become more blurred every day

(Voices talking)
Voices in my head)
Ringing in my ears
Blood and sand in my eyes
Across the desert lies
A plain white flag
Held in a little boy's hands
He never stood a chance

So stop screaming my name
We're not the ones to blame
We're all just pawns to their game
Another face with no name
"Dying in his name"
So stop screaming my name
Stop screaming my name
It won't do a thing
I have stared death in the face
And spoke words so strange
I bear my cross with disdain
Bearing the souls of the slain

I gave up all that I own
My love, my family, my home
But what I regret the most
Is giving up hope

Lay me down, descend me to the darkness
Pray for me, for I have lost salvation
I suppress my memories with poisons
Replace my life with the little boy's I should have saved
Disassemble. Rearrange. praise me for my accolades
But when I cry for help, all you do is talk of shame
Though my tour is ended the sound continues
And the sound of war is endless

Now I'm drowning in a bottle of substance
Waking in the middle of the night
Screaming to memories
I can still hear them screaming
The blade feels so cold
Pressed against my skin
I am the one that never grows old (we are the ones that never grow old)
Remember me for me, not my end

Do you know what its like when your gun jams
And you're standing face to face
With a man who wants to die for his country
Who wants to die for his beliefs
He raises his gun
And fires away
God abandoned me?
God abandoned us all

I walk across the sea of flames

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