Bellaluna Songtext
von The Funky Lowlives

Bellaluna Songtext

Straight from the big bad west coast, let's go
(You wanna be startin somethin', just funkin')
Straight from the big bad west coast, let's go
(Spell it D-Z-L is)
Straight from the big bad west coast, let's go
(Oh, pop in peace, clap and tease)
Straight from the big bad west coast, let's go
(You know what it is, do you?)
I don't know, man, I mean
Every time I hear these weak niggas get to rappin, I just like
Dog, [Incomprehensible]
It, it's a fun, it's a funny feeling
Like motherfuckers think we all about the trash
I'm like, nigger, y'all got hot garbage out on the curb too
(Let's go, let's go)
Don't be tryin' to clown [Incomprehensible]
Yeah, I'm Sir DzL, the title mean regal
You better, ah, smell my funk from the Big Yea Area
And it ain't no punk, dig?
(Donkey Kong part 2)

Yo, straight from the big bad west coast, let's go
DzL, you guest host deadly like asbestos
Destro wrestlin', check 'em with a death hold
Pretzel, Gracie School of Jujitstu twist you
There's a small issue
Somebody said we were fish food
'Cause the spotlight ain't hittin', dudes
You kiddin', fool
Nigga, a spotlight? I got light
Showin' you the way like a lighthouse
It ain't my fault you too dumb to try it out
For fear of lookin' like you lesser
Worryin' about other people and they weak suggestions
Like, "Don't do that, that shit is cornball"
They say the same shit to me
While I'm on tour and far out they reach
How's the streets? I often wonder
'Cause they sittin' on that same milk crate
I understand why they feel hate
It hurts when you set straight
Quit talkin', start watchin'
My name is Sir DzL, I'm not them other options
I got it goin' on and poppin'
Too Short proved you could do it, no problem
Ice Cube, Sir Jinx really stirred the drinks
I'm talkin' 'bout that path
Back then with wax on a phonograph
I'll plant you now and dig you up later
You need to quit hatin', conduct an investigation
West civilization got somethin' to add to the equation
And that ain't no Jim Crow shit
That you can't drink from my water fountain, bullshit
I gots love for all the cats rappin'
Wherever they makin' it happen, it's all action
And that's what's happenin' literally
I just peep some niggas think that they can shit on a beat
By the most popular producer out circa
When you unearthed that worthless waste
Take that auto tune off, leave the gimmicks at home
You ain't foolin' nobody, dumb nigga, it's on
Let me spit somethin' for 'em
Let the homie twist somethin' for 'em
Them Cali buds, ah, ha, now he feel the Cali love
Go 'head, shit, it's on the house
Now relax and peep Cali got somethin' for the drought
See this
Straight from the big bad west coast, let's go
Straight from the big bad west coast, let's go
Straight from the big bad west coast, let's go
Straight from the big bad west coast, let's go
Yo, don't get me wrong, I salute the Bronx
I would never dare to do this art and dilute the content
Ever since I heard the phonics
Reminded me of Richard Pryor
That's the only rapper that I could mention
Prior to that, what Melle Mel was rappin' about?
I could see that from the back of my house
And that was before crack was out
Niggas just was freebasin'
But I was mesmerized by complete phrases
Poignant statements that if written out on paper
You haters couldn't say shit
It was crazy 'cause flavor appealed to the days I seen
Growin' up as a child in the '70s
Y'all don't know nothin' 'bout that
Motherfuckers, be glad to hop out the shack
And upgrade like the Jeffersons
Now motherfuckers act like the ghetto is the best it is
And that's ain't a hater statement
If you love it then save it, it is what you make it
And basically it's down to the basics
Survival of the fittest and the quick witted
Makes no difference, the distance apart
My whole fuckin' family from the south now
I wish you would start
I got peeps in the east too
All my kin in South Central, I see you
My cousin Tigre' used to babysit me
Encouraged my rappin' and would watch MTV with me
Motherfuckers had curls and you thought it was all palm trees
'Cause you couldn't see
The media back then didn't even come with camera men
Where gang violence was crackin' in full effect
You thought niggas was surfers
Never got close enough to see where the dirt was
In Oakland, I knew where the turfs was
My parents had a plan though
And I'm part of the plan, I am hope
Dig that, sucker
More substance in my bars
Than most you niggas on the mic can absorb
Sir DzL, the overlord of funk, on the one
Showin' West Side support and love
Let's work together like the 70's
So we can all shine incredibly
Straight from the big bad west coast, let's go
Straight from the big bad west coast, let's go
Straight from the big bad west coast, let's go

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