Prole Art Threat Songtext
von The Fall

Prole Art Threat Songtext

Pink press threat!

Man with chip: I'm riding third class on a one-class train.
I'm cranked at nought like a wimpey crane.

I'm a pink prole threat.

Gent in safe-house: get out the pink press threat file
And brrrptzzap* the subject. (* = scrambled)

Man with chip: it's de-louse, safe-house time
(now v. bitter) when I get to the safe house
Hanging rhyme
Hang this crummy blitz trad. by it's neck
Pink press threat
I escaped the pink prole effect

Gent in safe-house: it's a new prole art threat
It's recluse, safehouse time

Narrator: then the clan began
Agenda item one

Scene: safe-house give them nail files, soon
Gent and staff- and looking at this agenda, we have a bit of
Now revealed a problem here
To be m.i.9 get out the pink press threat file
New prole art threat the subject
It's safehouse, safehouse time

(all: everybody hears the hum at 3: 00 a.m.)

But in the safehouse, it's not around
Pink press threat

Gent: get out and apply the wet lib file
Vs. this new prole art threat
Safehouse, safehouse tone

Man with chip, that clan has gotten away with 100 years
Dissipated and knacked, of sheer brilliance
At home, video reach, --up till now
Stereo bog etc.

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