Lucifer Over Lancashire Songtext
von The Fall

Lucifer Over Lancashire Songtext

Saw six men
Under a tall tower
Break it to him
Like I'm breakin it to you, gently
The nice people
Will remind you, oh yeah
Kicking, white, cheerleader
When the tired cheerleader

Lucifer over Lancashire

The black birds
Shake the hedges
On this the hottest day for ages
Was that monsoon
Doctor doctor (hid/hit) the needle
Can be discounted
No longer

Lucifer over Lancashire

I tell you no lies
Completely blind
Are the sentinel's eyes
At the back of his mind
This demon is hip
The demon's grip
He took over everywhere
And his blitz
Now over here
And the sky moves on
His cock-eyed moon
A useless priest
{Under your) power
Now I'm just flyin
I'm flyin
I'm typin
I'm shinin
I'm winnin
I got this on
I'm a runnin shark
I'm winnin
I'm shinin...

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