Did You Miss Me? Songtext
von The Cooper Temple Clause

Did You Miss Me? Songtext

Took the muzzle off
I'm brand spankin' new
Amazing how you get the love when you start makin' loot
My shit was cold off rip
But you a'int hear me, right?
But now I got everyone's attention
You gon' hear tonight
This the takeover

All your questions gettin' answered
Now the wait's over
I had to live
Felt like somethin' had to give, it did
And now I'm havin' life changin' conversation with the people that I started with
No more livin' two lives

We do this

Struggle made me humble
Success made me the rudest
Tell me how I changed up
No shit I came up

If I stayed the same then my whole team would be back home with that pay cut
I took the stairs

They still waitin' on elevators
Nobody outworkin' me
We go wherever the hell I take us

That's the sound of my haters man
Don't give me no two cents
Every penny I got, I made it man
West coast posted
But I stay Michigan like a bitch
It take more than changin' location to make all my loyalty switch
I'm down for mine
That's word to the clique my G
I should say names of the cats who laughed at the kid
Now they on my D
It's do or die now
We gon' find out
Who am I now
Load the whip and we ride out
Underground, 'bout time that we climb out
My dude
No deal yet but I'm cool
Don't take me for no fool
Talkin' that bull
Like I'mma see all my money in full

Miss me
That can miss me
Miss me
That shit can miss me
Miss me
That can miss me
Miss me

We got our own movement
They try to claim us
I just want the fam to eat
The fam wants to be famous
Who am I to say no?
We came this far, right?
People hit the phone
Tryna hit the town
I be in the stu with Moe-T doin' this all night
This don't just happen
Go through what I been through, you'd quit rappin'
How would I feel if I made it off bullshit?
Lot of these other cats need to quit actin'
No gangbangin'
No drug dealin'
I'm game changin'
I'm uphill
And my team winnin' off late nights
Anybody gonna hate
But they don't hate twice
White boy from the 'burbs
That's all right
Gentleman to the girls
That's all right
People wanna say shit
See me in the booth
Got verses of the year
For they ass all night
Honey that dark horse be my black bird
We could get Flacco money
Then they'll say we sold out
We just laugh to the bank
Baby that so funny
What the deal is
I a'int never signed one
I be where the real is
You know
My team two player two coach
I be in the game like Kukoc
Went from uno to two choes
I a'int even recruit those
When I'm on the mic It's a funeral
I put the beat in the ground and write on the tombstone
It's me bitch
If the beat's dead then you know
I'm wavy huh?
Lot of these cats fugazy huh?
I'mma do me
Straight five one sev
L-town, that shit made me, huh?
Don't say shit
I'm in the zone that you don't play with
I see the critics
Give it a minute
Matter of time before they on my d-dick

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