You're Not Very Well Songtext
von The Charlatans

You're Not Very Well Songtext

There's that house where I used to live
Here comes that man, Christ, he gives
Me a headache, I don't like all these sharks
In the city, they don't do much for me anyway

You're not very well, are you?

There's that car that I used to swerve
This town traffic is knocking me over
You never knew so you never ask
There's more to me and I'll show it if you, you say

You're not very well, are you?

One step forward into mine
Faking pictures and opening doorways
There's only one I insist upon
And you take two 'cause it's easy for you

You're not very well, are you?

You know where I'm coming from
So won't you get me there?
You're so ashamed, you're so far away

Intervene and you privatize
Health is health and I don't know about it
So why don't you leave us lot alone
you're so selfish, you'll do it on your own

You're not very well, are you?
You're not very well, are you, are you?

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