Bona Fide Treasure Songtext
von The Charlatans

Bona Fide Treasure Songtext

Do do do, do do do

Ohhhh, the old man gathers up his suitcase,
and heads for the sun,
Me, I'm looking for some bona fide treasure
And its dumb, dumb, dumb...

I'm telling you there's a palace for all the old souls
Build myself a motor out of matchsticks for the run, run, run, run, run
Run rabbit run

Give me 2 good reasons why you don't want me to come
I'm dying!
Can you help my ghost?

You're the cream of the crop
The cheese on the top of my toast

Do do do, do do do...

Roll up, roll up,
There's some kind of news
You won't find me
My lords and ladies
I'm not amused
I'm not amused

People come out laughing
Raise a glass to the land
Try to buy some cover here
I just want to lend a helping hand
Gimme, gimme, gimme that gun

I'll give you 2 good reasons why I don't want you to come
I'm dying
What will I become,

I'm the king of the park, with the queen on my back and it's fun
Follow me, follow me into the sun

And give me two good reasons why you never wanted to come
I'm dying
Go get my gun

I'm the king of the park, with the queen on my back and it's fun
Do do do, do do do

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