Clublights Songtext
von The Carbonfools

Clublights Songtext

I'm standing here with an urge to make your day
i see red and blue and green but never grey
i came to make you smile when you hear me sing
but when these lights turn bright i forget everything

baby you're outside baby you're outside this stage
you cant get too close and you cannot break my cage
i see a hundred smiles and i try to feel them all
but when these lights turn bright i just fall and fall

'couse these
these clublights have freezed my eyes
and i can not see at all
club lights just turning me out
so im loosing my control
'couse these
flashlights has blinded my eyes
and i cant see whos around
strobe lights just riding my nerves
and i just try to save my mind

i 'd like to go to bed with all of you tonight
but when these lights turn on you're just out of sight
and my love feels so big and i want it want it to show
but if i cant feel you all things begin to slow
couse these...

we're on stage to make you blind
we walk on hearts and haze your minds,
we got lights and sound for bliss,
so take it all you've paid for thi

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