Fock Da Brain Hole Songtext
von The Bluetones

Fock Da Brain Hole Songtext

Back up, coming through,
Get that shit outta the way.

I see you walkin' the streets,
I wait a couple of years,
I make you look like a dip shit man,
You look like a fool.

This ain't no east side,
This ain't the west side,
This ain't the south side,
Where the fuck are we.

I catch you in with the cloud surrender,
But she's in my sight,
I feel like it was deserved,
I'm gonna get, get you, you son,
You are a joke.

Want to control,
See through his soul,
Diggin' in his hole,
Then he fock the brain hole.

Dig me under that,
Shush your gonna bring back the white hare.

I see you walkin' like the suits,
Look at this girl,
She practically covered,
A human tattoo,
Your goin' nowhere,
Feelin' oh yeah bomb.

There ain't no stupid fuckin' shit, shit.

More, yes sir I am sorry to,
Are you more than a bit angry,
Getting outta here,
By goring the soul.

I see you don't give a shit, shit,
About your comin' round,
I hear your goin' tonight,
There comin' over here,
Unless we bit off the end,
Old man rock.

Oh I feel better now.

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