Nana Songtext
von The 1975

Nana Songtext

I wish you'd walk in again
Imagine if you just did
I'd fill you in on the things you missed

'Oh, Sleepless Knight", a grown up man dressed in white
Who I thought might just save your life
But he couldn't, so you died

I don't like it now you're dead
It's not the same when I scratch my own head
I haven't got the nails for it

And I know that God doesn't exist
And all the palaver surrounding it
But I like to think you hear me sometimes

So I reached for a borrowed fleece
From my dad or from Denise
Always trying to keep warm when you're the sun

I sat with you beside your bed and cried
The things that I wished I'd said
You still had your nails red

And if I live past 72, I hope I'm half as cool as you
I got my pen and thought that I'd write
A melody and line for you tonight
I think that's how I make things feel alright

Made in my room, this simple tune
Will always keep me close to you
The crowds will sing, their voices ring
And it's like you never left
But I'm bereft you see
I think you can tell
I haven't been doing too well

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