1000 Lies Songtext
von Texas in July

1000 Lies Songtext

One heart beating,
To the footsteps stomping on the ground,
This is where I belong.

I've become the person I've wanted to be,
It's taken me a long time.

But this is how it goes,
And I'm learning quickly,
To surround myself with those,
Who value me,
And are proud of me.

This is what fate has led me to,
Standing on my own in front of all of you,
Precious, memories,
I remember them like it was yesterday.

Rise, and look at the man in the mirror,
He is the one that knows you'll follow through.

This is what I've become,
All on my own,
I knew that I could do it all along,
1000 lies, 1000 times,
You told me that I would never make it.

These are the voices from your heart,
Nothing is less then what you make it,
Follow them, follow them,
These are the voices from your heart.

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