Rope Songtext
von Temple of Lies

Rope Songtext

will this be the end?
there's still some time to go
look deep inside your bones
you're standing on your own
own the space in which you breathe
'cos soon it's time to leave
wont you let your mantra be
"this one's for me"?
i bet you wish this was the end
well it's your final throw
so please take your time
it's all you're left with now
now you've traded-in your friends
and you lost your self respect
all i ever wanted to see
was your hand raised in protest
give you enough rope
but still you're yet to hang
there's nothing left to hold
it's you that binds your hands
handed everything you need
you couldn't grow this from the seed
all i ever hear you scream
is let me be free
you can make me wait
i said i'm poised with baited breath
and i'm far beyond the depth
of where you lay to rest
rest the eyes that could not see
you couldn't pay for your release
i wont ask you to believe
the words of a thief

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