Riot Going On Songtext
von Teddybears

Riot Going On Songtext

No barricades
No camera crews
No broken glass
And no horses too

No dogs to sick on raging crowds
No throwing stones, no manic shouts
No water cannon hosing down
No faceless crowd will not be loud

There's a riot going on
All the punks are leaving town
They're going to set the place on fire
It's not what they sell, there's no denying
It's what your buying

No lines to cross
No care inside
No burdened (streets?)
And no battle cry's,
No one ordering rifle fire,
No choppers sweeping through the night.
You will not believe your eyes
Because this will not be televised...



No satellites
Are gonna shine
No electric fire
Will not be pine?

No paranoia striking deep
No you wont even feel no heat
No ignorance will get you killed
Protection is a beautiful thing


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