Don't Keep Wasting My Time Songtext
von Teddy Pendergrass

Don't Keep Wasting My Time Songtext

Wait a minute, come talk to me
Girl I've got something to say
I keep on trying to figure out
Why do you do me this way
Though I keep trying over again
Girl I'm still confused
There's only one thing I need to know
Tell me what y ou're gonna do
Don't keep wasting my time
Don't keep leading me on
If the feeling ain't there
Then just leave me alone
I keep telling you
I wish you'd make up your mind
And stop wasting my time
Well, well, well, well
First you tell me you're still having fun
And you don't wanna change
Then ya say that you're hooked on me
Our love will always be the same
I'm telling you now to make up your mind
There's something that you should know
If you think you can play me girl
Then baby it's time to go
Log on to hide ad.
Now I'm always trying to do
Everything that I can
Just to prove to you
That I can be a good man
If you think that I'm gonna
Sit around here waiting on you
Better stop and think abou tit
There's other things that I can do
Ad lib until fade

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