Cold Cold World Songtext
von Teddy Pendergrass

Cold Cold World Songtext

From one friend to another,
It seems that something being bothering you?
If you got a minute maybe there something I can say or do.
See, I realize life has it changes
Lot of changes, some times it seems
things just don't go right,
But there's one thing I want you to think
About as you lie on your bed tonight.

When the whole world seems against you
And your whole life seems unborn
And all you ever wanted was a little peace
I could understand just how you feel
But a little bit of peace of mind
Nowadays is so hard to find
And you can't even find it in your sleep
Here some advise I think you should keep
So I'm telling you

Don't let this cold world get you down
Don't let this cold world (Be Strong Hold On)
Get you down, get you down (don't let it get you down)
Cold, cold world, get you down
Cold, cold world, get you down

Dry your eyes, don't cry no more
What do you think a friend is here for?
There's always something we can do me & you
If things don't always go your way
You've got to prepare yourself each and every day
Oh, the changes that life will put you through
(Repeat Sing-along)

I wonder whatever happened to
The happy song that I once know
You can't let nothing bother you ever bother you
Bother', bother' ever worry you
(Repeat Sing-along)

Hold on be strong
I know that for some folks
Life comes easy and for others it comes hard
Some folks to keep on trying while others just get tried
I need to share the things I learn

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