Wanna Live, Got To Give Songtext
von Ted Gärdestad

Wanna Live, Got To Give Songtext

When our love was new
You were all I had
And I died for you
When the nights were bad
Like a mountain stream
At the break of dawn
And the primal scream
When a child is born

Wanna live, got to give

I lost my youth
And my confidence
When I fought for truth
With my innocence
Like the ocean waits
When the sea gives birth
In the seeds of grain
Willing mother of...

Wanna live, got to give
Wanna live

Across the universe
Pain is nothing new
Still it's getting worse
Oh, if I'm losing you
So please, don't go

Love me once again
Before my time is out
Pour a little rain
Oh, in this time of drought
Please, don't go

When our love was deep
Though at times I cried
When I went to sleep
With your loving sigh
And the universe above

Wanna live, got so much to give
Wanna live

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