Lonely Songtext
von Swamp Dogg

Lonely Songtext

I'm so lonely
I'm so lonely
I'm lonely baby
I'm so lonely
What is the problem?
You know I don't have no other women
Don't want no other women
But you just seem to be like
You gotta have every man in town
Outta town too I guess
Cause I be at work, I don't know what's going on
But I still love you and I want you
I mean let's just give it a real try
Damn, I'm lonely man
I've been working
16, 18 hours a day
And I come home
And just watch television
And feel lonely
I'm so lonely
I get lonely
For you baby
Yes it's you I want
Only baby
Ain't no woman been in my life
Since I met you
That's why I can't figure out why
You doing the thing that you do
Is it because I work two jobs
And brought all of my money home
That makes you feel neglected, rejected
And all alone

I'm so lonely baby
Man don't suppose to have to live like this
I'm so lonely
I'm so lonely

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