You Were Meant to Sing Songtext
von Susan Justice

You Were Meant to Sing Songtext

Sitting on a sidewalk chasing dreams
Always one step behind.
You want to know why.
Kids are kicking cans on the street
And you wonder why you missed out
On the good life.
Always talking about your misery,
But misery seeks company
Why you want to go and
Let your head hang low?
Baby, you were meant to sing
I'll push you on a swing
Even though your heart is aching
Even though the ground is shaking
Live today on angel wings
No matter what tomorrow brings
Smile like a happy child
Try to make it worth your while
'Cause it won't get better if you hold it in
Baby, you were meant to sing
Tummy used to rumble
Pebbles used to make me stumble
But now I'm taking everything in stride
Buildings round me crumble

Institutions tumble
And life never felt so alive.
It's all a matter of perspectives
Like you're swimming in a fish tank
When you're outside looking in
And life's played pranks on you.
People want to tell you that's the way that it is
That you're blessed or you're lucky or you're kind of hopeless
Getting you confused when you listen to this
Thinking that you've got to fit in to exist
But it's really up to you what you make out of this
Every day is another day of bliss that you miss
When you're stressing 'cause you don't know how to pay your taxes
Uh oh…
All I know is this,
Baby, you were meant to sing.
Even when it hits the fan
And nobody wants to hold your hand
'Cause you know exactly just where it's gonna land
Even when the sky is fallin'
and you just can't stop bawlin'
and it's obvious that you fail
in every other thing

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