I Wonder Songtext
von Susan Justice

I Wonder Songtext

I was off by a nose, off by a hair
All the things you said didn't get me anywhere
All I had was cake when you wanted bread
Such simple taste, it's off with my head again

Maybe I can't be all the things you need
If you can sit in the dirt for just a little while
You'll find the things I hid and buried over time

I made a slip and impasse
Oh me, oh my, pardon my mistakes again
'Cause maybe I can't be everything

I wonder if I never complain
And promise you that someday I will change
If I do everything you say, will you love me more?

I give up my dreams to make you feel stronger
Never doubting you and never wonder
If a good girl should wonder at all
What's behind those doors

The hedges were tall over my head
Running through this maze, the devil hasn't got me yet
Shrubs in the garden hiding little bugs
Standing in the courtyard, won't you please show yourself?

'Cause maybe you can't be anything
This grey wall of clay is slowly washing away
I look up and down while spinning around and around
These crumbling stones won't hold me back no more

I wonder why I never complained
Why it took so long for me to escape
I gave my soul to you
Just so you could love me more

I'm still alive and your getting older
Maybe one day you'll wake up and wonder
If it's so wrong to wonder at all
What's behind those doors

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