Bludgeoned to Death Songtext
von Suicide Silence

Bludgeoned to Death Songtext

You′re worthless; you plague humanity
Be nothing without me
Your curses try to get back to me
But still, there is no time


Your curses with thoughts and narration
For what I say
Hope you listen

You're cursed with thoughts and narration
This is what you get
I made you smile

And doctors won′t be able
To recognize your fucking face!

Be— Be nothing— Be nothing without me

How could you think that I was joking?
But I'm not; be nothing; be strong without me
But still, curses crumble as we let this happen
We can't let this happen
As we all come down
We can′t

You abide by something funny
What′s funny now?
You abide by something sacred
You found it gone

Your curses die

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