Unreleased Songtext
von Suga Free

Unreleased Songtext

Bang bang chitty chitty
I know you talkin that shit but you can't get with me
I put the pimpin down before the pimpin pimped me up
With a ho & a hey & a ho sho nuff

Go get my money baby, go get it
Whatchu mean you got a headache ho? You bullshittin
Don't wanna catch a case & go straight to San Quentin
And make another record on the yard that's hittin

And R&R shot me a Ducet they ain't trippin, them
Long yard visits, 85 percenters
1: 15 I'm parolled in a minute
I got my tape now bitch & I COULD NOT WAIT

To hit the Greyhound bus 200 at the gate
And come to find out my lady turned into a rat
So I turned into a cat & broke her mothafuckin back
I say when where will why how

Why who would do what it do?
So tell your boy-friend that-bull-shit
Bitch, & don't get mad cause you ain't get no dick
Don't get mad cause you ain't get no dick!
I seen yo pickcha, YA!
But I, I keep it witcho
But I'm tryina play it off to avoid a fight

I left my house my car my kids my wife
And all my homies in Pomona for a fuckin 3rd strike
Bing bang boom, little nigga
Wippahsnappa, westside cadillaca

Now kick her in the ass if this bitch is broke
And I'll stab her in the throat with a Dayton spoke
I'm Suga Free, bitch, I don't care
Now get my money I ain't playin don't make me come around there!

Women marry twice, once for money once for love
I'll take a shovel from a golddigger & fuck her up
I can't stand y'all broke broke, lonely ass, big mouth
Pussies stinkin, evil ass, liar liar no house

Hustle havin, backstabbin, snitchin ass two face
Bloody Mary Bloody Mary dirty tampon case
Now knock her down & pick her up
Just fuck her up & pick her up

Just beat her up & pick her up
Now kill the bich & let God pick her up
She don't run shit, ill slap the taste & the DNA
Up out cha mouth why you playin dumb bitch?

Umm, P.I.- humpback m
To the crooked letter crooked letter I ain't him
Tell your boyfriend to give you some money, bitch
Tell your boyfriend to pay for your abortion bitch

Tell your boyfriend to give you some dick, bitch
And tell your boyfriend if I was him I'd beat yo ass
Bitch, Now take a break, & do it again
Then take a break, & do it again

Then take a break, & do it again

Till ya dead!

You hooker hooker hooker, huh, er checka!
No conscience, I'll sweat ya till I get ya
But don't you get to thinkin that I need you bitch
I got to have you bitch cause I'll drag you bitch

I know your momma told your ass certain niggas don't play
She'd get her check but the bitch be broke the very next day
Suga Free you got some money? ask my dick
Yo momma say she want a autograph? ask my dick

You could lick the, sweat from my balls
Haha! sweat from my balls!
Now tell her that she stink tell her that she stink
What? just tell her that she stink tell her that she stink

Cause bitch you attract flies you attract flies
[?] & lay eggs in her eyes
Bitch'll kill herself to make another bitch get mad
I need to tie you up with something so I can beat your ass

Fuck the po-lice bitch, they don't know me hoe
I been to Avanal, [?] & Tehachapi hoe
I gotta son named LP, a daughter named Sylmore
A cousin named gordon & that's what I'm forreal for

Casino with the track, I don't look back
I had a dream I went to court & shot D.A. in his back
We the people we the people to protect & serve
I'll fuck a Public's Defender up & bank my Danas on the curb

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