Open Up This Fkn Pit 2.0 Songtext
von Stillbirth

Open Up This Fkn Pit 2.0 Songtext

Frustrated by your life
Each of them annoys you
Every day the same shit
Day by day

You need a valve
To let everything out
Or the killing spree is

Friday is high day
But your boss wants to see overtime

The concert in the evening you can forget it
Enough is enough, the barrel overflows
You smash him
The termination
With a fist
In his face

Your girlfriend is calling
She wants to spend time with you
You say "fk off" and put on
The concert starts

You're ready for the pit
Today there will be death
And other violent shit
Pitboss shows where to go

Flying fists
Breaking bones
Perfect day
The only thing missing
Is a fat blunt
But we have the right one for you

Blunt 1, blunt 2, blunt 3
Live n uncut

Styles unbreakable
Moshpit proofed by the raging youth
You wanna get gunned
How do you like it now
When you step into the ring with the motherfkn kingpin
Come on n get your fkn head cracked in
Think about it before you
Open up this fkn pit

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