Can't Belive in You Songtext
von Stiff Little Fingers

Can't Belive in You Songtext

Don't think of tomorrow, do it today
Let's live our lives in yesterday
The lies you're spreading were dangerous then
I can't watch you spread them all again
You tell me we're more equal then other men I know
But your advice just can't be right and can't be left to grow

It's hard to reason, it's hard to see
Why you never learn from history
You came downtrodden and you learned to walk
And now you want to march before you talk
You're looking for a scapegoat a victim or a fool
And though you're free now that don't mean
You've freedom to be cruel

Don't give me opinions when you can't understand truth
I can't listen to a word you say, you haven't any proof
I believe in standing up for what I think is true
But you hand me all this hatred and I just can't believe in you

You're being twisted, you're being used
And you'll never see my point of view
You're kicking back now but can't you see
That what you're kicking ain't your enemy
You're taking easy answers, believing age old lies
Though once oppressed you're like the rest
And just as much despised


Tell me all your problems, how you never got a break
And now you're free, you're telling me
That what you see you'll take

It's all so stupid, it's all so sad
That you've had to have the life you've had
That system's gone now, everything has changed
And there's no-one left to take the blame
You've got to start rebuilding, rewriting your own rules
Get it right don't end up like those bullet headed fools


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