My Remedy Songtext
von Stevie Stone

My Remedy Songtext

When I hit the stage, music become my remedy
All of my problems fade away-ay
Soon as I hit the stage, music become my remedy
All of my problems fade away-ay
Yo, nother day, another dolla
Need more than? commas?
Hope it's better tommorrow
More money? brain, mo' drama
The things I did, forgive me heavenly father
It was neccessary
Responsibility, kids to feed
No more chance in penitentary
And me, away from my kids, it can never be
This is when music became my remedy
Isolated myself in a daze
Beautiful musical melodies, floatin' through my veins
? is gone when I'm jottin all the things that I can say
I'm lost in the moment today my problems fade away
Something about the way it make the kid feel?
Hittin on paper with a pen has gotten me a deal
But still, i will, tour and travel to the hills
On stage never find me I stand still
Ladies and gentlemen, you've seen this next performer
On the "All 6's and 7's Tour
Featured in the "Midwest Explosion" video, with Tech N9ne
But now, he's here, home for his first ever Strange Music LP
Give it up, for Stevie Stone!
Uh, feel chills when they scream my name out
They? to God I came out
Didn't take the main route
Releasing my energy, aim out
Fans callin, they know my name now
And whenever set this road with Beezy
Keep the negativity beneath me
Beet me, they try to beet me
Even if I'm down you can't defeat me
Music is my remedy, relieve me
And the chorus sings.

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