If I Was the King Songtext
von Steel Panther

If I Was the King Songtext

If I was the King
I would get myself a bitchin' crown
And I'd make all the bitches call me Sir Michael Starr
I'd have a castle and a bitchin' throne
And at night I'd go in the town
In a big stretch Hummer with a hot tub and a bar

If I was the King
I would outlaw clothes for chicks
So you could see if the shaved their pussies
Or if they were hiding dicks
I'd lower the drinking age
So little kids could get drunk too
And I'd make it a fucking crime to wear a wedding ring
If I was the King

That'd be fuckin' nice right?

I'd knock down all the schools
And put up licquor stores
And give free boobjobs to the strippers and the whores
I would outlaw common sense
Feed the homeless to the wolves
And if you didn't like Steel Panther you'd go to jail!

If I was the King
I'd make beer the official food
And you'd never have to take the trash out
If you happen to be born a dude
You could buy hand grenades at Starbucks
And take a shit right on the street
And I'd kill Katy Perry so I wouldn't have to hear her sing
If I was the King

Her comes the court jester man!

And if the motherfucking peasents didn't like it
I would tell them all to suck my dick
Suck my dick
Suck my dick

Legalize masturbation
At every strip joint in the nation
And the minimum cup size would have to be a double D
Oh yeah
But if you were in a band
You wouldn't have to use your hand
There'd be mandatory blowjobs for guys like you and me!

If I was the King
Megan Fox would be my Queen
But I'd still fuck Christie Brinkley
And any girl older than 16
I'd execute One Direction
And drop a nuke on the Middle East
But I'd take the oil first so we wouldn't have to feel the sting
If I was the King
If I was the King
If I was the King

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