Days We'll Remember Songtext
von Spock’s Beard

Days We'll Remember Songtext

We turned our backs to the wind
Thickened our skin, sins unforgiven
We won't ask why anymore
We won the war standing our ground
We found our way
On roads we've never been down
Homeward we're bound
Gold skies and green fields
We'll stop and drink from the well
Stories to tell of selling our souls
So onward we go
Hoping to find what we left behind

These are days we'll remember
When the pictures and words fade
Touched by times that drew us together
They will live in us always

We built the will to let go
All that we know flows like a river
Our hearts fly high in the clouds
Laughing out loud, bound by no promises
Onward we go
Hoping to find what we left behind

One day we'll look back
On worlds that we traveled through
Tracing our steps right back to the start
Answers to questions
We'll find that we always knew
All hidden down deep in every heart

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