Playground Kids Songtext
von Soul Sister Dance Revolution

Playground Kids Songtext

We have to be quiet
Put on your shoes
Don't break the silence
Before they do
'Cause it's not easy
When you're afraid
Don't make it sleazy when you get to the 5th grade
And it's hard to really tell
I guess so

Feel the way on my shoulders
It's such a waste of our time

You have to be crazy
If you wanna stand out
Never be lazy
Before they're kicking you out
Because it's not easy
To be the cool kid
Never be sleazy
Just make sure
That you fit

But don't scream or shout
Don't kick and mone
I got all the answers from my telephone
Everybody know that the boys run hell
Got a big living for to show and tell
I guess so

Feel the way on my shoulders
Such a waste of our time

Don't let me down
Please stop begging for your mothers
Don't le me down
Do it for another brother
We could go around, go around another time
It will come around

I just wanna go
And play in the streets
With the world in my hands
And crestings on my jeans

Feel the weight on my shoulder
It's such a waste of our time
And now my heart is getting colder
I'm in a hurry to be on time

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