Jazzie's Groove Songtext
von Soul II Soul

Jazzie's Groove Songtext

Where is Soul II Soul?
Where is the sound system?
An amalgamation of good dance music
There are three of us from the north side
and two from the east
Through our style people just came
to recognize us as the funky dreads

Trust has always meant a lot of us
For us to stay together would make a decision
and the rest would follow
That's the way we through things should be
I guess the way things should go,
Soul II Soul

I don't know, it took us a real long time
to get things together, you know,
but hopefully we're on our way

Yeah, we started in clubs and so on
A little bit of pressure and there
you know we had our ops and downs
For everybody that can remember Africa Center,
the Center of the World
That gave us the idea to make our music,
creating our own styles here in London

The future of Soul II Soul
a happy face,
a pumpkin face for a loving race

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