Yesterday Morning Songtext
von Son Ambulance

Yesterday Morning Songtext

Did you get the pictures that I left in your mailbox yesterday
I really wish I'd sent them much earlier when you weren't so far away
I spoke to my advisors but I can't decide which class to take
And since you left you left for college what can I teach you now babe
Or can they teach us babe

When we were young I saw you frolicking about the public square
Blowing kisses to the children like some wandering saint
Or a clown you have found today

And when I find the chance to tell you
With my strength I wish you well
With a voice so filled with longing for a purpose or a home

I'd say
This is every letter I never wrote
It's every dream I never told
Every selfish aspiration
Yesterday morning
After all is said and done
I give the world to you
To see you through

Heavy cardboard storage box was thrown in your backseat
You were driving
For several years of no book lines must have slipped off the corner of the bed where we slept
And they burst over the landscape like feathers from a cave
Is this the heart I've grown to love or just a crinkled page
Such a fleeting age

And here I found the confidence and gull to chase our lofty plans
To claim a stolen seashore will I drift inside a bottle until it lands
I have nothing to give you so I'm borrowing your coat

This is every letter I never wrote
Every tear I meant to cry
Every long slow goodbye
And yesterday morning after all is said and done
I give my love to you
To see you another time cause I'm back on track
Tomorrows facing you

What can I do?
What can I do?

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