The Renegade Songtext
von Son Ambulance

The Renegade Songtext

I stayed there til a long while
I hardly bat an eye
Like you travelled to a desert town
As a guest, you came a-wandering by

Like a trash mop clawing the floor
But does the chain of ball suit you more
But babe don't set your mind to be a trap door no more

You can tango with the neighborhood boys
They won't step on your feet
And you could put the red light on
You could put it all the way on for me
And the kids wearing their daddy's clothes
Moving trucks over the falling so slowly
They took you for a map very full
Looking up the dream of that which you can see no more
Is that really what you need no more
Babe don't look away no more
Babe don't listen to what you say no more
Baby don't make your heart a jail no more

Does her leaves turn green, no rain
Splashing rivers, dancing rain
Love to lay you in a flat, dear bed
Lay in wait for the seasons to pass
You got slapped with heavy law
She ain't keen on taking call
She ain't fit to love a fall this warm

I stayed there til a long while, oh
I never bat an eye
Like a dance off in this messboard town?
I guess you were water in my eye

And you can put your blue dress on
Let the moonlight whirl you 'round and around
And the crickets play every sound like a slow song
Come you back to feel, girl
When you're homesick home
When you're so feel it, play it, hide a soul
She'll take you for a sweet time, Joe
Spend a lifetime trying to change how you perceive no more

Is it really what you believe no more
Baby don't look away, don't look away
Baby, don't matter what you say no more
Baby don't make your heart a jail no more
No more

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