Quand tu marches seul Songtext
von Son Ambulance

Quand tu marches seul Songtext

When I think of you
I think good old times
Green and gold times
Times to love leave

When I'm down and blue
Just pick up the phone
I know your love's with me
When I walk alone

When you walk alone
It's a long road
A winding boulevard
To heal a broken heart
When you walk alone

Your fragrance, fresh cut lawn
Chlorinated swimming pool
Together we would jump
With next to nothing on

We'd jump the swimming fence
As lightning takes the stage
And takes with it our clothes
And this is what we made

A dream to drift along
A tempest passing through
These resilient trees
Fall down on me and you
When I dream of love

When you think of me
It's a bold lie
You always walk the line
A tightrope I could shake

And when you walk alone
I always follow soon
Vanish into a crowd
It's fun to follow you
When you walk alone

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