Juliet's Son Songtext
von Son Ambulance

Juliet's Son Songtext

Yeah, pull the top down kick it back 60 degrees
You feel life feel life feel life
Don't keep worrying about the pop charts baby-
Climb them if you wish,
You could slide up with James Dean,
Or just sit back and tap your feet.

Clipped out your magazine,
Picture of a beauty queen.
Don't pull the trigger like Claudine.
You know love can hide a scandalous scene.

And now its tugging at your strings,
Making you sing,
But it cant get you
Through the booth and to the screen

Singing, oh
Me and Juliet's son
Happy dagger through the heart
Maybe you're not that, maybe you're not that dumb.

Ooooooh oooooh la la la

Playing house, and you're falling off the couch
This machine is gonna turn us into something dark
And it keeps coming back
Oh the regrets don't come back

Oh, me and Juliet's son

I'd suggest in you
In a newly bought vintage suit
But they cant reach you
When your five foot two and so untrue

Singing oh, me and Juliet's son

2051, ill still be playing them drums
Climbing up the rungs
With a million dollar song.
If only she'd stood by me.

Maybe you wont die, maybe you wont die young.
maybe you wont die young.

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