Fantastic Planet Songtext
von SoKo

Fantastic Planet Songtext

Close your eyes
You might have gone to fall
Will do just fine
Too late my head i piss upon a style
And I'm calling
I'm actually falling
In tears, in tears
You got me begging for a change
And all I see is an exit sign
No are the way ...
You suck up my blood
You stole my super powers and now I claim it back
After destruction
You try to reconsile
Trust was stolen when you took us all about
I don't blurry eyes
I only sald eyes
You cry for help but they don't know where to start
And I'm a dreamer
I'm planning my espace
I wanna disappear in a fantastic planet
I want to disappear
I want to disappear
I want to disappear
I want to disappear
It's an exit
With no return
It's an exit
And it set us all

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