Money in My Pocket Songtext
von Snow tha Product

Money in My Pocket Songtext

Yes, I really do be making money of this pimp shit, my nigga
And yes, I realy do be making money of this rap shit, my nigga
And yes, I will fuck you up if you step to me wrong, my nigga
So fuck you, fuck you, and fuck you, you're cool
But fuck you, you, and you, haha, stop coming at me with that bullshit, man
Stop asking questions about the things I've done
The people I know, the places I go, and the hoes I meet
Especially when I'm bossing, approach with caution when I'm in the streets
And, homie, if you're close enough to speak but not to touch
Click, clack, click, clack, get back, when the .44 bust you can feel the adrenaline rush
We from the Bay, my niggas, so run your scrape away
I see that chain is so icy, how much you pay for that?
Shit, get your banana split, hit 'em up with the banana click
Gorillas ain't fucking with chimps, squares ain't fucking with pimps
In the club with a mean mug, nigga pulled up like I ain't got shit to live for
One minute I'm cool, next minute I flip while the bitch leave on tip-toes
I'm on that 'Grind me everyday' living hustle I get payed
Shit is paper chasing pimping and busting so fuck a 9-5
See, 24/7 that's my business hours
I'm half black and half amazing, after money and power

You best respect a boss, better leve soon cause he's about to spray shit
I got a different car, so I ain't got to say shit
I got money in my pockets so I ain't got to say shit Ask me how much motherfucker that's gay shit
I got money in my pockets so I ain't got to say shit Flip them haters off and blast off in my spaceship
Guess who, bitch?! Born in the Bay but I live down in the south
It's an itty bitty little 5'2" chick with the world going like what now
My style precise, got a mouthpiece like a politician
Tell me what you want, whatever you want to, give it to them whatever the fuck I'm wishing
What is it? I'm busy, don't question how I'm living
Don't ask what all this costs, cause i done bought them all in one visit
I'm Snow Tha Product, the west coast Wonder Woman
So don't get mad because your boyfriend had my slappers bumping
Because I kick it with the click that got them comfort dumping
And plus I'm one chick that be cocky cause I come from nothing
The queen bee around this bitch, see my block is buzzing
I roll a 'piff because if haters see my rock, they bugging
See time spent hustling is never time wasted
Time spent busting is definitely gay shit
So don't worry what I make and how I make it
I'm a rapper, drop it or lock it, I ain't gotta say shit
Gimme that, gimme that, I ain't gotta ask twice
Gimme that shit, I give no fuck about the damn price
See y'all been hating for nothing, so here's a reason now
See y'all been hating for nothing, so here's a reason now

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