Whoop Your Ass Songtext
von Snoop Dogg

Whoop Your Ass Songtext

Whoop that ass So I came in late like at 3 a.m
My nigga said,"Bitch where the hell you been?"
He better end that sentence with no disrespect
Or Ima have to kill that bitch
Whoop that ass Whoop it, Whoop it, Whoop it real good I tried to calm down and not kick his ass
Maybe we could leave that bull shit in the past
Until a blond bitch peaked out of the covers and said
"Baby come back to bed, asap"
His face went from brown to red
He said to the her, "I said shut the fuck up Trish!"
"You're both done for, you little dumb whores,"
I got up and locked all the doors
"Wait baby I'm sorry, but don't blame this all on me
I heard you at the club calling Trey daddy,"
"Lets forget this ever happened," I said
Guess I don't have to
Whoop that ass Whoop it, Whoop it, Whoop it real good After the ho was out the door
We both said "we won't do this no more,"
We shared a laugh, were off to bed
As for me, not yet
Whoop that ass Whoop it, Whoop it, Whoop it real good Went to the drawer, grabbed a forty four
Picked up the pillow case along with the mace
Took his safe, I wasn't staying for this case
Then I packed my shit
I'm reversed, run and hit
So I went over and
Whooped that ass Whooped it, Whooped it, Whooped it real good Damn, guilt was killing me
But his death got me finally feeling free
An accident is what it'll seem to be
That's what his ass gets for cheating on me
But it's crazy because I only meant to
Whoop that ass Whoop it, Whoop it, Whoop it real good R.I.P I just murked yo ass
You was taking up oxygen, only used me to smash
Your mind went blank and empty went your bank
But in the end, I really just Lesson to be learned, never cheat
In the end, they all get burned

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