Take U Home Songtext
von Snoop Dogg feat. Too $hort, Daz & Kokane

Take U Home Songtext

You want a good look and grown, with your sexy skirt on
Let me take you home, let me take you home
I'll make you scream and moan, you know that it's on
I can be yo' best friend; let me stick it in

And not just the tip
I wanna give you all of it
She's a model, all tall and shit
I'm Too $hort, but I ain't got a small dick
... Just ask around
I fucked a lot of hoes in this town
I get down, I come long and wide
And when I pull it out they all wanna ride
The sun's comin up, we started at 4
I spit so much game it's hard to absorb
And everything you believe she hates
Like pimpin, she appreciates
Cause my women, knows to understand the game
It's all about the money, give a fuck about the fame
You never get a chance to go out with me
If you a broke bitch, and you not a real freak

You came with your friend but she fat as fuck
And nann one of my homies wanna fuck, and now she wanna front
From the get-go I figured this is how it gon' be
Tell that little punk bitch that you ride with me
Don't stop, fo' hop
Hollywood Hills back to Too $hort's spot
You wanna roll let's get ghost and jet
I wanna see if I can make you wet
Cause you need it, let me beat it
Your lil' fat friend, actin conceited
Sittin in the corner; leave her, the bitch is a loner
Dancin, givin me a boner (ooh)
Mm... I pull a pole on out
Me and you boo, we need to roll on out
You sit here, in the bed where
I need to just wanna put the head in, biatch!

She wanna be my B-F-F
I'm on a time limit, got no time left
See I'm a mathematician, you can add the bed
Subtract your clothes then divide your legs
When it all equals out you can moan in bed
She gave me the P, gave her the D instead
See you a hot mess with that booty and thang thang
Swangin in the club when you drinkin that drink drink
Smoke in the air, chillin all in the zone
Fuck me on the dance floor with my clothes on
Too $hort, Snoop Dogg! Uhh, imagine that
She threw me the pussy, I threw the dick right back
See I just wanna hit it and stick it in
Cause I don't wanna be yo' boyfriend
And you don't wanna be my girlfriend
I touch her once, so I'ma say it again

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