Will You Be Mine Songtext
von Smoove & Turrell

Will You Be Mine Songtext

I said hope it gets better, love the ones you love and disregard the rest
If it's broke you best fix it, never giving up till you got nothing left
Up in smoke, it don't matter, watch the flames burn there beautiful instead
Such a joke, but who's laughing when you lost everything you ever seemed to have

And all I'm asking is that you'd be mine tonight
Come on
And all I'm asking is that you'd be mine tonight

Take your chance and don't waste it, never fall in love to break a woman's heart

If you can't keep dreaming, you'll be better off together than apart
If its love it gets better than the feeling that you said now was the one
You got to work and keep pushing till you realize that feeling, it is gone

Tell me the road is long, you walk I'll follow on
Give you the things I never had
I'll be there by your side, knowing that you are mine
We keep each other on the path

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